A new solution to puncture downtime

Discover the new generation of tyre changers, engineered with key improvements to make an awkward job easier.

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We know that keeping your machines up and running saves time and money and our new tyre changers are here to help you do just that. They’re compact but robust, so they’ll fit anywhere and are built to last.

Powerful air-powered bead-breaker  |  Strong pneumatic wheel clamp
Sturdy steel construction
 |  Designed & made in Britain

Standard Tyre Changer
Model TC811B
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Small Tyre Extension Kit
Model TK811X
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Extended Tyre Changer
Model TC811BX
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The Black Box Tube Repair Kit

Contains all you need to repair inner tube punctures.

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We also offer training in Safety & Application in the Workplace - just ask for more details