With the chilly days getting shorter and leaves falling all around, it’s feeling distinctly autumnal at the moment. And while the annual autumn clear up is more than enough to keep you occupied, this is a great time to think ahead to make sure your ATVs are winterproofed.

Like it or not, winter will be here all too soon and with it comes the kinds of conditions that are challenging for even the toughest operators. It’s clearly more important than ever to make sure your ATV is properly maintained, so we’ve put together a winter check-list to ensure you and your ATVs are ready for anything.

Check your tyres
Are your tyres in good condition and inflated correctly? They should have sufficient tread check to handle the worst-case conditions.

Check your sealant
Tyre sealant repairs punctures without you even knowing you’ve had one. It can be a life-saver, keeping from getting stranded thanks to a sharp rock or a stray nail and at the very least, tyre sealant is a cost-saver, keeping your ATV out of the workshop.

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Check your workshop tools
If your ATVs do need tyre repairs or renewals, then why not invest in the tools to do it yourself? We have all you need to do the job and save on repair shop fees.

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Check our ATV range
We stock a wide range of tyres to fit machines from all of major manufacturers, with sizes and treads for every application, plus premium quality tyre sealants and all the workshop tyre tools you’ll need to stay up and running this winter.

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