The Company

Corporate Foundation

Mission Statement

To establish and sustain movement and activity in the lives of busy people, who rely on a source of knowledge, a level of awareness and a trusted alacrity, in a specific area of a diverse world.

Vision Statement

To become the most respected and sought after supplier to specialist areas of the tyre industry, with a reputation for reliable and efficient service, while maintaining an in-stock position of core products at all times.






Core Values


Clearly defined company ethos

We expect honesty, integrity and trustworthiness from our people in relationships within the organisation and in dealings with customers and suppliers. This involves a commitment to doing what we say we’re going to do. ‘A man is only as good as his word.’


Culture of continuous improvement

Standing still is never an option. Advancement and development is at the heart of anything we do. This is what helps you to have confidence in us.


Putting others’ needs first

This highlights and defines our emphasis on our customers’ buying experience. You have a need and we are here to fulfil it. It’s what filters through the company ethic.


Enjoyable but challenging working environment

Good people to deal with. That’s how it should be viewed internally and in relationships with others. We’re here to enjoy it but we’re here to grasp the challenge. If we make mistakes, we acknowledge them and put them right.