Bespoke Tyre/Wheel Assembly Diagram


In many situations, castor wheels are mounted between forks (as illustrated in the diagram).

Whether this is the case or not, there are 3-4 critical dimensions when it comes to replacement tyre/wheel assemblies – the overall diameter, the width between the forks and the outer diameter of the axle pin or the inner diameter of the bearing/bush.

When it comes to replacement tyre/wheel assemblies, there are many combinations available and many bespoke solutions can be supplied, if necessary measurements are given to us.

See the four points below and the illustration given in the diagram.


Tyre Size/Diameter

It is important to know the dimension of the existing tyre or the total height of the fork.


Fork Width

The internal fork width is a critical measurement, so that the correct length of hub is supplied.


Axle Pin/Bolt Diameter

The diameter of the axle pin or the diameter of the hole in the fork will indicate which inner diameter of bearing or bush is required.


Bearing/Bush Diameter

"Tyre/wheel assemblies will be supplied with the bearing size that you provide or with an internal sleeve to make the internal diameter of the wheel hub correct. Typical sizes are (12mm,16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" & 1").

Example of Tyre/Wheel Assembly 13x6.50-6

Tyre/Wheel assembly example

Example of Tyre/Wheel Assembly 13x6.50-6

Bespoke tyre/wheel assemblies are a speciality from Redstone in these applications, too. Call us with your specific dimensions. Tyres, with fitting cones supplied, are easy to fit with a hydraulic press. Component parts are also available from stock. See the following pages for further explanation.

Tyre/Wheel assembly example