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Even more Tubes for Turf

Even more Tubes for Turf

Added 4 years, 2 months ago.

We don’t like to let the grass grow under our feet here at Redstone, which is why our range of Redwing inner tubes is continually growing. That is especially true when it comes to tubes for turf and implement tyres, with new sizes and fitments now available.

The New Sizes

3.50/4.00-7 Inner Tube TR13 RV
19x10.50-8 Inner Tube TR13 RV
18x8.50/10.50-10 Inner Tube TR13 RV
20x12.00-10 22x9.50-10 22x11.00-10 Inner Tube GP4 SMV
23x11.00-10 24x9.50/10.50-10 24x12.00-10 Inner Tube GP4 SMV
24x12.00/13.00-12 Inner Tube TR13 RV
26.5x14.00-12 Inner Tube TR13 RV
29x14.00-15 Inner Tube TR13 RV


Redwing is our own brand, created for strength, reliability and durability. So why not take a fresh look at our ever growing, comprehensive range of turf and implement tubes today?