Is there a minimum order amount?

While there is no enforced minimum order level, it is definitely preferable for a level of at least £10 to be reached – before carriage and VAT.

What delivery options are available and what charges apply?

We offer next day delivery for England, Mainland Scotland and Wales. By default, orders will be despatched using the standard next day option, but you can also choose next day by noon or by 9.30am. Please call us on 01243 558959 for information on additional charges and to arrange an upgrade.

Do you offer Saturday deliveries?

Yes we do, for deliveries in England, Mainland Scotland and Wales.

Can delivery be arranged internationally?

Yes we do. Please call 01243 558959 for a delivery quotation. International orders can still be placed online, but the delivery charge will be applied afterwards.

Is negotiation possible on any of the product prices shown?

Every account customer using this website will be set an individual price band. This will apply broadly to orders for single unit quantities but negotiation is certainly possible. That’s what we’re here for. Please call 01243 558959 to talk over your needs and allow us to arrive at a pricing framework that works for you. Once agreed, this will apply for future orders.

Does this website display all of the products that Redstone sell?

No. While the website covers a wide range of what is on offer from Redstone, we are here to discuss your particular enquiry.

What does the tread pattern code indicate?

Each tyre featured on the website has been given a tread pattern code. Given the vast number of tread patterns manufactured on the market, many tyres have been grouped under a generic code, where a very similar tread is produced by several manufacturers. These codes are summarised below.

What is the difference between puncture resistant and puncture proof tyres?

Puncture resistant tyres are pneumatic (containing pressurised air) with a lining of aramid fibres within the tread area. The BKT Armaturf and Maxxis Kevlar ranges are readily available from Redstone. Puncture proof tyres are not pneumatic and, hence, cannot go flat. The Amerityre Flatfree and Carlisle Reliance options are sold in a small range of sizes on this website.

Are the images of each tyre size exactly what will be despatched when an order is placed?

Not necessarily. A number of the tread pattern codes featured group a range of tread patterns under one heading. If the generic pattern pictured does not match the specific tyre exactly, it will be very close and gives you a good guide to go by.

How are products best searched for?

It is usually recommended to use the facility for filtering and sorting all tyres or inner tubes as necessary. This is the best place for finding exactly what you want, quickly and easily. Use the filters at the top to narrow your search and sort your results using the column headings. Ordering multiple items is made easy once logged in, using the button at the top of the last column. More information on individual products can be found by clicking on the product description or by clicking on the more information icon. All other products are found simply in another part of the site. Just click on Other Products. The ‘Search this site…’ facility, located at the top of any page, is very useful for finding individual products quickly. You can search for all or part of a product description. E.G. Searching for the word ‘Armaturf’ will return all of the tyres that have Armaturf within the description.

Is it possible for anyone to open a trade account with Redstone?

Trade accounts are not available for the general public. Organisations and businesses can register for an online account and will be analysed before approval. Consideration will be given for likely usage, sector of the market and credit ratings.

Can orders be settled with card payments?

Orders can certainly be settled with debit or credit card over the phone. Credit cards attract an additional charge – usually 2.5%. This website is primarily designed for use by trade account customers. If you have an enquiry and wish to place an order, please call us to discuss.