Product Focus

23x10.50-12 BKT LG306 Armaturf 6PR

Applications: Ride-On Mowers, Utility Vehicles, Compact Tractors

Brand: BKT

Tread: LG306 Armaturf

Feature: Aramid Belted

Manufactured in India, the BKT brand has expanded and spread significantly, particularly over the last decade. While a big percentage of its production is within the agricultural tyre sector, BKT has an excellent range of turf tyres, including the tread patterns LG306, LG306 Armaturf, LG Rib, LG Rib Armaturf, LG307, LG Smooth, LG408 and LG408 Armaturf.

The LG306 Armaturf has exactly the same tread as the standard LG306 but has the added benefit of in-built puncture protection. Aramid fibres are added in the form of a belt within the tread area, offering maximum resistance to punctures while retaining essential flexibility. Similar tread patterns are the Carlisle Turf Master, Carlisle Multi Trac, Duro DI5005 and Wanda P332.

This month’s focus looks at the 23x10.50-12 LG306 Armaturf, featured on the popular John Deere 1445 commercial rotary mower, fitted with a cutting deck. Redstone recommends the 11x4.00-5 Carlisle Reliance Smooth on the cutting deck, 23x10.50-12 BKT LG306 Armaturf 6PR at the front and 18x8.50-10 Maxxis Kevlar 6PR at the rear – combining puncture proof tyres and puncture resistant tyres from Redstone – the Puncture Prevention Specialists.

Armaturf benefits:


Advanced puncture resistance – less downtime = higher productivity


Robust casing and thick sidewalls provide added protection against kerbing


Flat tread profile gives higher contact area and longer tread life


Offers good grip on the shoulders without undue turf damage


Very cost effective

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