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Redwing Inner Tube Range

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In April 2015 Redstone introduced the new Inner Tube Range – REDWING – a brand that you can rely on from a company that you can trust. The Product Focus is being extended into May to make sure we have your full attention! If you would like any more information, please get in touch.

So what is different?  What’s new? It’s all in the range, the comprehensive coverage, the quality of the product and the flexibility to do more.  More sizes, different options, new possibilities.

Embark on this journey with REDWING.  There will be more to say, further markets to explore and dedicated offers to take advantage of as you go.  Follow the path.

Now it’s REDWING inner tubes for cars, vans and trucks.  REDWING inner tubes for off-road applications, 4x4s and agricultural vehicles.  REDWING inner tubes for implements, forklifts and industrial situations. 


There’s more to come.

The redwing Advantages:


A very comprehensive range of good quality,
reliable inner tubes


New inner tube sizes for specific fitments –
look out for them


Covering more markets


Superior tensile strength in the thickness
of rubber


Heavy Duty tubes available

Click here for the complete range of Redwing Inner Tubes. There are more to follow.
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