While lockdown has meant an end to most activities, one thing we have been able to push on with is our new warehouse. And we’re delighted to say it’s so very nearly finished. However, thanks to a very healthy level of new stock arriving, we’re having to press the new facility into service right now.

Even if you don’t appreciate warehouses as much as we do, it’s a lovely sight to behold, designed to meet all of our day-to-day practicalities and built to last. What’s more, with the option of adding more office space, there’s room to grow our sales and administration functions too.

But we haven’t just been busy moving stock, we’ve also taken this opportunity to get us fighting fit and ready for the bounce back. We’ve reorganised products across our three warehouse facilities according to their popularity, their weight and their ease of picking.

With the country slowly opening up again, Redstone is ready to help our customers (new and old) to bounce back strongly.


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