Puncture Prevention from 4" to 8" (wheel diameter)

In introducing the two ranges of puncture proof tyres available from Redstone, Amerityre Flatfree and Carlisle Reliance, it is important to note that there are two fundamental differences between them.



Amerityre Flatfree

Manufactured from closed-cell urethane foam, not rubber like pneumatic tyres. A unique patented process is used to encapsulate millions of tiny air bubbles, creating a completely puncture proof tyre while providing a pneumatic style cushioned ride.


The Amerityre gives an excellent solution for the problematic golf course where punctures are a constant issue. This product finds its application on wide area mowers, rough cutters, leaf blowers, sweepers and many other machines in the grounds maintenance environment.

Amerityre Flatree 


Carlisle Reliance

A rubber tyre, designed and produced with a heavy duty hollow core construction. Complete puncture prevention is guaranteed, as the cavity in the centre does not rely on air pressure to maintain its load carrying capacity but exists to ensure that a cushioned ride is provided.


The Carlisle Reliance is the ultimate option for commercial mowers cutting verges and constantly coming in contact with kerb edges. Heavy duty rubber provides tear resistance that polyurethane struggles to match.

Amerityre Flatree