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When price and value for money are foremost in your mind, then it’s time to discover RST

The new brand offering a wide range of dependable quality tyres at keen prices.

Muddy tyre
Grassy tyre
Farm tyre

With multi ribs, smooth, turf tyres and more, you’ll find a tyre and a size to suit a wide range of applications including – mower decks, domestic mowers and brush cutters, pedestrian mowers, wheel barrows, trailers and ATVs to name but a few. What’s more, if you need a tyre or a size that isn’t yet listed, just ask.

There’s a wide range available to order now, either online or over the phone and if you need help or advice, please contact the team.

The RST Range

We are the only tyre wholesaler in the UK with the expertise and the ambition to make our own tyres.

ST92 Street

25x8.00-12 6PR E TL

25x10.00-12 6PR E TL

OC85 Open Centre

4.80/4.00-8 4PR TL

OC881 Open Centre

4.00-7 4PR TT

OC88 Open Centre

3.50-7 4PR TT

3R85 3-Rib

3.50-6 4PR Set

3.50-8 4PR Set


9x3.50-4 2PR TL

11x4.00-4 4PR TL

11x4.00-5 4PR TL

13x5.00-6 4PR TL

13x6.50-6 4PR TL

16x6.50-8 4PR TL

18x6.50-8 4PR TL

18x9.50-8 4PR TL

20x8.00-8 4PR TL

TU22 Turf

15x6.00-6 4PR TL

18x8.50-8 4PR TL

20x10.00-8 4PR TL

23x8.50-12 4PR TL

23x10.50-12 4PR TL

24x8.50-14 4PR TL

FA85 Fairway

205/50-10 4PR TL


4.00-10 E 71N 6PR Set

TU65 Turf

4.00-5 4PR TT

TU662 Turf

4.10/3.50-4 4PR Set

4.10/3.50-5 4PR Set

4.10/3.50-6 4PR Set

4.80/4.00-8 4PR TL

TU665 Turf

3.00-4 4PR Set

4.00-4 4PR Set


2.50-4 4PR Set

SM73 Smooth

9x3.50-4 4PR TL


15x6.00-6 6PR TL

15x6.00-6 10PR TL

16x6.50-8 6PR TL

16x6.50-8 10PR TL

18x8.50-8 8PR TL

MR55 Multi Rib

3.00-4 4PR Set

3.50-6 4PR Set

4.00-6 4PR Set

3.50-8 4PR Set

4.80/4.00-8 4PR Set


145/70-6 2PR TL

KN80 Knobbly

18x9.50-8 4PR TL

KN88 Knobbly

22x11.00-8 4PR TL


20x11.00-10 4PR TL


22x9.00-10 4PR TL


25x8.00-12 6PR E TL

25x10.00-12 6PR E TL


25x8.00-12 6PR E TL

25x10.00-12 6PR E TL


3.50-8 4PR E TL

HS66 High Speed

4.80/4.00-8 6PR E Set

HS70 High Speed

5.70/5.00-8 6PR E TL

HS75 High Speed

16.5x6.50-8 6PR E TL

HS65 High Speed

6.00-9 10PR E TL

HS33 High Speed

5.00-10 8PR E TL

HS05 High Speed

20.5x8.00-10 4PR E TL

20.5x8.00-10 10PR E TL

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