Discover the ultimate in Puncture Resistance
The largest range of puncture resistance tyres in the UK

Reduce downtime to zero and cut tyre maintenance costs.







The secret to achieving puncture resistance is the use of thousands of super strong aramid fibres, five times stronger than steel.

Also known as Kevlar and used in bullet proof vests, ours are woven into the tyre forming the puncture resistant layer. 


Discover the Ultimate in Puncture Resistance

Our unique aramid system extends over the shoulders of the tyre to provide protection to the sidewalls for maximum puncture resistance – unlike any other brand available.

It means our RX Aramid range ensures the ultimate protection from thorns, nails and anything else that could pierce tyres and ruin your day.

Superior Protection for all of your Machines

RX Aramid is available in a wide range of sizes and treads, including our bestselling Turf 24 tyres, as well as Multi Rib, Knobbly and Traction. It’s the largest range of commercial puncture resistant tyres in the UK, helping you keep your machines up and running at all times.

Maximum Puncture Resistance


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