Redwing Tyre Sealant

In the Tyre Trade News publication:

Busy day, jobs stacked up, no time to waste… Puncture! We’ve all been there at some point and it’s an inconvenience that costs time and money.

That’s why tyre specialist Redstone Tyres has launched a tyre sealant under its Redwing brand. As Director Marcus Hull told us, “One of our specialist areas is maximising uptime and puncture prevention is a big part of that. However, we were becoming increasingly frustrated with the sealants on the market and so we launched our own.”

Redwing Tyre Sealant uses fibre-technology to effectively and permanently plug punctures from the inside out. It’s the type of top quality sealant that is used to protect tyres around the world, from enormous earthmovers to domestic mowers.

Available in handy one litre bottles or 25 litre drums, the sealant is injected into the tyre via the valve. When a puncture occurs, the tyre’s air pressure forces the sealant into the hole, plugging it quickly and effectively, with no loss of air pressure. So, your puncture will be fixed without you even know you’ve had one.

Launching their own products is something Redstone is good at. Already this year they have brought us a new generation of Redwing tyres and tyre changers to go with a range of inner tubes and now tyre sealant. Marcus Hull again, “We are an ambitious company with 20 years’ experience and expertise, so if we think we can do something better, then the chances are we have the know-how to do it.”

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