Deals with puncture problems without you knowing you’ve had them

You know as well as we do that tyres are constantly under threat from nails and screws, thorns, pieces of flint and glass. Punctures aren’t just irritating, they’re a costly interruption to your day. 

The answer? Treat your tyres with Redwing Tyre Sealant and give them an added layer of protection – reducing valuable downtime, eliminating puncture repair costs and saving you time and money.
Continuous protection against flat tyres  |  Helps eliminate rim leaks
Seals punctures up to 10mm in all tyre sizes 
 |  Permitted use up to 65mph
Easy to clean out (water soluble) 
 |  Frost (to -20°C) and rust inhibitor
Redwing Tyre Sealant
25l Drum
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Redwing Tyre Sealant
1l Drum
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HD Industrial Sealant

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Redwing Tyre Sealant uses leading fibre-technology that, through a physical and chemical reaction, effectively plugs puncture holes from the inside out and for good. Easy to apply, this top quality sealant is used effectively to protect tyres around the world, from the biggest earthmovers to the smallest ride-on-mowers.
How to use it.
The prescribed quantity of the sealant is injected into the tyre via the valve stem and circulates around the tyre as it moves. When a puncture occurs, the tyre’s air pressure forces the sealant into the hole, plugging it quickly and effectively, with no loss of air pressure.
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