Redwing Tyre Sealant - with leading fibre-technology

Deals with puncture problems without you knowing you’ve had them

Busy day, jobs stacked up, no time to waste… Puncture! We’ve all been there at some point and it’s an inconvenience that costs time and money.

Redwing Tyre Sealant uses fibre-technology to effectively and permanently plug punctures from the inside out. It’s the type of top quality sealant that is used to protect tyres around the world, from enormous earthmovers to domestic mowers.

Available in handy one litre bottles or 25 litre drums, the sealant is injected into the tyre via the valve. When a puncture occurs, the tyre’s air pressure forces the sealant into the hole, plugging it quickly and effectively, with no loss of air pressure. So, your puncture will be fixed without you even know you’ve had one.

- Continuous protection against flat tyres
- Helps eliminate rim leaks
- Seals punctures up to 10mm in all tyre sizes
- Permitted use up to 65mph
- Application chart provided for optimum amounts per tyre size
- Easy to clean out (water soluble)
- Frost (to -20°C) and rust inhibitor
- Harmless to tyre and rim

Download our product brochure complete with application chart here


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