Redstone Tyres has made a name for itself over the last 20 years. From well-known tyre wholesalers we’ve grown to become one of the UK’s leading grounds maintenance specialists, one of the few British tyre manufacturers and we’re now making huge inroads into the ATV market.

The key to our success? We listen to customers and, what’s more, act on what we hear to give our customers what they want and need. This is exactly what prompted a huge step forward for us.

Managing Director, Marcus Hull, explains, “It dawned on me that we had a company full of specialist tyre knowledge and expertise, so why shouldn’t we start making our own? After all, we knew what our customers wanted and we could give them exactly that, without having to compromise.”

Our Redwing brand of tyres was born just a few months later, in 2015, shaking up the grounds maintenance market with its signature Turf 24 tyre, followed quickly by a growing range of popular tread patterns, including smart Fairway tyres for golf buggies.

Now, armed with a range of tyres for all major manufacturers of ATVs and trailers, UTVs, quad bikes and more, we are in the process of shaking up the ATV market too. Offering excellent quality and superb value for money with Redwing and RST branded tyres, our aim is to challenge the leading brands with better alternatives for utility, sport and leisure.

From RST, a brand dedicated to giving you dependable quality tyres at excellent prices, comes the ATD93 – a robust 6 ply tyre with an aggressive directional tread pattern that is hard wearing and designed to run at 30 psi so it’s perfect for UTV applications. The ATD97 meanwhile, offers the same directional, aggressive tread and is designed to take on all terrains and riding conditions with a heavy 6 ply construction.

The ST92 Street, meanwhile, also from RST, has a versatile tread pattern that makes it perfect for both road and turf use. On the road its 10mm tread depth means there’s plenty of rubber on the tarmac for great grip and water expelling qualities. While on the turf its non-aggressive tread pattern means it won’t tear up your turf.

Finally, we’ve have really gone to town with the Redwing Knobbly, one of the most popular ATV trailer tyres, by making the toughest Knobbly tread on the market. It’s a third heavier than its nearest rivals and the only one to also offer a puncture resistant option in the unique RX Aramid. That means it’s heavier, stronger and longer lasting than competitor tyres, backed up by Redwing’s renowned premium quality and superb value for money.

Whatever the machine, whatever the terrain, Redstone has the tyres perfect tyres for ATVs, UTVs, trailers and quad bikes. What’s more, if there’s a tread or a size you need, you only have to ask.

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