Size Guidelines

Tyre sizes are always listed in order of the wheel diameter. They progressively increase in overall diameter and width, throughout the listings by wheel diameter.
Most of the conventional tyre sizes in the Turf/Implement, Smooth, Agricultural/Industrial and ATV ranges will show three imperial dimensions (a tyre’s overall diameter, width and wheel diameter in inches) e.g. 20x10.00-8, while some only show two imperial dimensions (a tyre’s nominal width and wheel diameter in inches) e.g. 6-12.

Some tyres in the ranges detailed above will have a metric width, followed by an aspect ratio*, with an imperial wheel diameter e.g. 270/60-12. Most high speed tyres are also marked in this way e.g. 185/75R16C

*Aspect ratio is the dimensional relationship of the tyre’s section height (bead to tread) to section width. For example, a 75 series tyre is 75% as high, from the tread to the bead, as it is wide from sidewall to sidewall. Aspect ratio is also known as the profile or series of the tyre.

If a tyre only has a metric width and wheel diameter showing, the hidden aspect ratio will usually be 80 e.g. 165R13C will be 165/80R13C.


size guidelines

To simplify searching for tyres with an aspect ratio on this website, the width and aspect ratio have been combined – use the Tyre Diameter search box in the filter app.


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