If you work in grounds maintenance, then you’ll know all too well that tyres are constantly under threat from anything sharp left lying around. Punctures aren’t just annoying, they cost money too, in repairs and in machine downtime. And we could all do without downtime during the busy autumn season. What’s the answer? Treat your tyres with a sealant, but beware, not all sealants are created equal.

Redwing Tyre Sealant uses leading fibre-technology that, through a physical and a chemical reaction, plugs punctures from the inside out and for good. It’s the type of top quality and highly effective sealant that is used to protect tyres around the world, from the largest earthmovers to domestic mowers.

Other, more traditional sealants that are thicker and gloopy because they use rubber crumb, which you might think could be more effective. Unfortunately, rubber crumb is easily dislodged and so only offers a temporary fix, not a reliable, permanent repair like our unique blend of fibres of gum.

So, if you’d like to maximise the uptime of your machines this autumn, take a look at our Redwing Tyre Sealant today.

Download our product brochure complete with application chart here

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