A tube is a tube right? Wrong! The phrase ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is particularly true when it comes to inner tubes. If you’ve ever been tempted to fit cheaper, unbranded replacements, you’ll know it’s a false economy. To hit those price points, manufacturers must cut costs, skimping on rubber and using inferior valve fitments.

We created Redwing inner tubes to be the absolute opposite of that, providing good quality at reasonable prices. So, you’ll find our inner tubes are made from thick, long-lasting rubber to give them superior tensile strength and reliability.

Our comprehensive range covers a huge array of sizes and valve fitments, so you’re sure to find the perfect tubes for all of your machines – try us!

- Thick rubber construction for superior tensile strength
- Covering a wide range of markets
- Heavy duty tubes available
- Flexibility to supply whichever size and valve you need

You can find our tubes here

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