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Excellent quality, great choice and superb value for money

The Redwing range is here to challenge the leading brands, offering you better quality, better value alternatives.

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Our Goal

Our goal is simple, to challenge the leading brands and offer better alternatives for your machines – so if there’s something you need that we don’t do, just ask. The new generation of Redwing Tyres, with all-new features, is designed to deliver excellent quality and superb value for money.

Incomparible Quality

We saw the opportunity to give our customers products that married seemingly incompatible qualities – the best of both worlds. Our exclusive Turf 24 tyre, for example, is a unique turf tyre that retains the grip of leading competitors but has shallower tread on the shoulders and a rounded edge. Maximum grip and minimal marking.

Our Expertise

We know what makes a good tyre and we know what value for money looks like. Which is why we decided to make our own. We had the know-how and the ambition to make tyres with class leading quality but without the class-leading price. And so we did.

The Redwing Family

The Redwing tyre family keeps growing, to include all of the most popular tread patterns our customers need, giving high quality and even better value for money across a wider range of products.


We are the only tyre wholesaler in the UK with the expertise and the ambition to make our own tyres.

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RX Aramid - The Redwing Puncture Resistant Range

We are proud to produce the largest range of puncture resistant commercial turf tyres available in UK. Our unique aramid system extends over the shoulders of the tyre to provide protection to the sidewalls for maximum puncture resistance – unlike any other brand available.

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Tough, hard wearing commercial turf tyres, offering excellent alternatives to your usual brand, to fit machines from all of the leading manufacturers. Also available in RX Aramid - the mark of great quality puncture resistant tyres you can rely on.

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11x7.00-4 Redwing Multi Rib / Multi Rib RX Aramid

Our new rib tyre gives you class-leading functionality and is the ideal tyre for heavy collector mowers, with a puncture resistant Aramid option available too.

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When substantial grip is called for, then our all-new Traction tyre is the answer, providing maximum durability and performance for pedestrian mowers.

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18x8.50-8 REDWING FAIRWAY 24

The smart looking Fairway 24 is the perfect match for stylish fleets of golf buggies everywhere, designed for long life and top performance.

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The all-new Smooth tyre makes sourcing Toro tyres easy, designed to protect precious greens and lawns, while delivering durability and value for money.

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From all-purpose ATV trailers, to timber, hill trailers and more, this premium grade tyre is 1/3 heavier than similar competitor tyres and offers a robust, long lasting carcass, extra resistance and superior stability. Our RX Aramid option is the only puncture proof tyre in this tread and it’s only available here.

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23x11.00-10 REDWING ALL TRAK 24

The multi-purpose tyre for Kawasaki Mules – offering outstanding performance in all environments. We’ve developed a tyre to get the most out of this amazing machine – tough, hard-working, reliable and superb quality.

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