Redwing HD Tyre Sealant (20 litre)

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Maximise uptime by reducing the risk of punctures across your machinery fleet

Due to the ever-increasing demands from vehicle operators on their vehicle tyres, the market is constantly looking for ways of reducing the downtime caused by punctures and getting maximum life from their tyres.

Tyre sealant is becoming increasingly recognised across industries and fleets as the ideal solution to dealing with punctures cost effectively. With the Redwing Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant, the cost of protecting a four-wheeled vehicle is considerably less than replacing a single tyre.

Redwing Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant seals the puncture as it happens, ensuring the vehicle can continue to operate as normal. Under inflated tyres have an impact on the vehicle’s fuel consumption, due to increased rolling resistance generated by additional heat build up within the tyre. Easy to apply, anywhere on site without specialist tools or knowledge!


Brand: Redwing


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